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I'm a seasoned UI/UX Designer with a rich background in digital design, currently based in the United Kingdom. Having spent the early years of my career in the vibrant city of Hong Kong, I have brought with me a unique blend of Eastern and Western design perspectives that give my work a distinctive edge.

My journey began in the hallowed halls of the Chinese University of Hong Kong where I graduated from the Fine Arts department. There, I honed my foundation skills and cultivated an enduring passion for design. Over the past 15 years, I have had the privilege of contributing to several major companies including Yahoo! and South China Morning Post.

My expertise lies in creating intuitive and visually compelling user interfaces that not only please the eye but also enhance user experience. I strive to ensure that each design decision is motivated by user needs and business goals, resulting in digital experiences that are both engaging and efficient.

Beyond my professional work, I also have a deep affection for illustration and photography. This love for the visual arts seeps into my design work, helping me think beyond the confines of conventional design and infuse a touch of artistry into every project I undertake.

I believe that great design is the delicate balance between aesthetic appeal and functional simplicity. It's about creating memorable experiences that resonate with users, while also driving key business objectives. I am always eager to take on new projects and challenges that will allow me to bring this belief to life.

Whether you're a potential client seeking to improve your digital presence, or an employer looking for a passionate and experienced designer, I'd love to hear from you. Let's create something beautiful and impactful together.



art direction

I have been giving out art direction on a lot of projects including web design, motion graphics and photography throughout the years.

UI/ UX Design

I am a detail-minded person and love the challenge to design user interface that looks well and work well.

Interactive Prototyping

No UI design are without interaction, I am keen on building interactive prototype with animation for user experience testing.

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